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This 2-stage local bar and music venue in Woolloongabba is on the lookout for talented musicians or comedians who can help bring an audience. If you are a performer seeking a cozy, intimate room and a paying gig, then consider The Cave Inn as your next event space.

We would love to hear from any performers who are interested in playing on either stage. Booking agents or promoters wanting to host an event are welcome to inquire.

General information

Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays are open to anyone.

Fridays and Saturdays have less available dates and expectation to bring a crowd of at least 30 people.

Gigs typically run between 7-10pm. Both stages have a full backline so you can simply bring your instruments, plug in and play.

E-mail [email protected] and be sure to include:

  • which stage you prefer
  • dates you are available to perform
  • at least 1 video of you playing
  • your social media channels
  • other artists you may like to play on the bill with you

Scroll down for further details on the stages.

Standing outside The Cave Inn on Balacalva St, Woolloongabba

Downstairs Stage

The main stage downstairs can fit 50 people in the prime viewing area plus another 30 in the hallway and patio. This room is ideal for acoustic, folk, indie, jazz acts, or even stand-up comedy.

Payment is a minimum of $80 for a 2.5-hour performance. Performers will get at least 1 drink on the rider. The venue will award bonuses for exceeding food and drink sales targets which can potentially double the pay rate.

View of the downstairs stage from upstairs.

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Upstairs Stage

The band room upstairs is suitable for all heavy-hitting bands. Whether it be psych, punk, funk, or rock and roll, the fun happens up here! Venue hire is free. For a $50 payment, they will provide sound engineer, a pizza for all to share and a drink for each band member.

The Note Network will ticket your event for as low as 5% of sales. A door person can be provided to take tickets and sell band merch for an additional 10%. Fees are calculated after the $50 is paid.

Typically there are 2 bands each playing 45-minute sets at 8pm and 9pm. Capacity allows for 30 punters. More people may fit depending on the number of band members in the room. For a sold-out show with tickets at $12.00, each band should expect to make $130.

Dead Dirty Dinosaurs performing on the upstairs stage – 15th Jan 2021

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