Event Bookings at The Cave Inn

Cave Inn beer outside

Capacity + Genres

The venue is open Tuesday to Sunday from 4-10pm and is free entry. Total capacity is 80 people: 50 in the main viewing area and 30 in the hallway and patio. This room is ideal for acoustic, folk, indie, jazz, hip-hop, experimental DJ’s, stand-up comedy, art shows, or any event you could imagine that would fit the vibe of this space.

Standing outside The Cave Inn on Balacalva St, Woolloongabba

Stage + Payment Details

The stage has a backline consisting of a PA, 3 vocal mics, guitar amp, bass amp, and a drum kit (minus the kick pedal, snare and cymbals). Events are typically 2-3 hours with short breaks in between. Payment for the show is a minimum of $85. This amount may scale up to $300 or more depending on the bar sales.

Bookings through The Note Network include basic poster design, print and online promotion.

event bookings at the cave inn
Stage and main viewing area.

Event Bookings

  • dates you are available to perform
  • at least 1 video of you playing
  • your social media channels
  • other artists you may like to play on the bill with you

Let’s make some exciting and memorable performances happen here!

Due to being near a residential area, volume restrictions will apply.

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