Stand-Up Comedians Wanted

James Matthews performing at our last stand-up show at The Cave Inn

After a successful Stand-Up Comedy gig at The Cave Inn with BJ Connolly last year, The Note Network is hosting another event on Friday 23rd April 2021.

We have Anisa Nandaula as the MC, James Matthews (pictured above) as the headliner, plus Doony, Finbar-Martinez Bennet, Chloe Maddren, Lidia Nardone, and BJ Connolly as the support acts. Spots for the April event have now filled up. However, we are now building line-ups for May, June and more monthly events.

Comedy events upstairs at The Cave Inn will be ticketed at a price point between $10-15. A maximum of 30 tickets can be sold. Each support act will get 10% of the total ticket sales.

Should you be interested in performing at future Upstairs Comedy events, please e-mail [email protected] with:

  • your bio,
  • a rough estimate of the number of people you could bring; and
  • footage of you performing if you have any.
BJ Connolly, stand-up comedian, performing at Smoked Comedy in 2019
BJ Connolly performing at our “Smoked Comedy” show in 2019

After this event, more comedy gigs run every 4-6 weeks. Stand-up comedians are welcome to request a spot at any of the future shows if they are unavailable for the April show.

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