Website Development

The Note Network website development

Using WordPress, Spencer can build or improve your online presence, especially for artists, venues and any creative projects, individuals or ideas. Scroll down to find out more about website development and design services with The Note Network.

In-house skills

  • Coding with HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript
  • Front and back end development with WordPress
  • Purchasing system set-up powered by WooCommerce
  • User interface optimisation — applying the most efficient navigation map and display of information for website visitors

Spencer has helped build and maintain websites for clients since 2019. There is also a small network of other developers whom can be called upon to complete any larger, more complex tasks.

Get Started

Website Development photo

Picture the concept, then put it into action! The Note Network can make all kinds of customised websites, especially for the hosts of live music and comedy events.

Followers can buy tickets directly through your site if you desire. This will allow you to avoid the hefty processing fees charged by large ticketing companies, and enable cross-selling of items such as food, drink or band merchandise.

Picture your online space or just write down the basic concept. Then, send your ideas to [email protected] to discuss further details and get a quote.


Costs start from $40/hr for smaller jobs or $250/day for bigger projects. Additional costs such as web hosting, domain name, extra plugins and features may apply depending on your needs.