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Current Gig Opportunities

Contact the site owner to list your ad here.

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E-mail a brief description about yourself and the event(s) you have in mind to [email protected].

See what these events are like for yourself by attending an upcoming live music or comedy gig.

For performers

Are you an performing artist searching for paid gig opportunities? Whether you’re looking to build an audience or bring an audience, there’s a spot on a line-up somewhere for you.

Artists of any genre are welcome to inquire. The Note Network books all kinds of acts, from rock, punk, blues, soul, funk, psychedelic, jazz, acoustic, comedy and many more!

By getting in touch, you can find other artists to join your line-up and/or find a local venue to host your event. This can be done on a once-off occasion, or on a recurring basis.

For Venues

Are you a venue owner or manager? Perhaps you are looking to host more live music or comedy events.

Send in the needs of your venue and what you are prepared to offer artists. If there are any suitable matches, you will be contacted.

Booking Agency

a gig at Greaser bar that was organised using this gig matchmaking service

For artists or venues who are consistently taking event bookings, have the administration side of events be taken care of so you can focus on what you do best. If you’re in this for the long term, we’ll be by your side as we help you grow and maintain your following.

The Note Network can make bookings on your behalf with venues and artists, liaising with you along the way. Posters, promotion and tickets will also be organised.

If you could use a dedicated person to help with the grind of finding the right performers or place for a gig, send an e-mail with your needs and ideas.